Stupid Survivor

yellow_room2Stupid Survivor is a fast-paced action game where you escape from houses that inexplicably keep catching fire.

The game features 20 levels of increasing difficulty. The player has to save items of personal value from the flames and navigate through a maze of rooms, all the while avoiding firefighters that are out to save your skin (but not your stuff!)

Each level has a set of items that have to be saved to complete the level. However, for the special badge, you have to save all items. And once you have done that, you can always try to improve your time.

screenshot-bedroom-windowedThe game focuses on speed and humor. The graphics are inspired by the classic 1950s style of animation, while the music is produced on 80s vintage analog synthesizers. Combine that with quick-finger gameplay, and you have a unique gaming experience.

Stupid Survivor is the first game from Aware Games, a new small Finnish independent game development studio.

Game features


Fires that block your path

– The fires spread and multiply
– Jumping in a fire = game over

Many different items to rescue

– Picking up and dropping items
– No jumping while carrying


Several different types of firemen

– Firemen try to rescue you
– Trick firemen to put out fires

Light puzzle elements

– Figure out paths for escape
– Use water buckets to put out fires and stun firemen
– Use keys to open doors

System requirements

– For PC/Linux you need Java Runtime 1.7 or later
– For phones you need Android 4.1 or later (What version do I have?)




Get it on Google Play



Stupid Survivor soon to be available on Steam!