Stupid Survivor Greenlight campaign

Posted on February 14, 2015

Big news, people!
We just launched our Steam Greenlight campaign for Stupid Survivor! We kindly ask all of you who want our game to be available on Steam to go in and vote on us:

We need all the support we can get to be picked up by Steam and be able to sell our game on Steam in the future! We will be closely monitoring and answering all feedback that we get through Greenlight, so please leave a comment there as well!

The Greenlight campaign does not change our plans for release. Stupid Survivor will be released right here on our website and on the Google Play Store on February 23rd. Hopefully, if the Greenlight campaign goes well, we will be able to add Steam as a place where Stupid Survivor is available in the future.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Greenlight, here is a short explanation on what it is and why we are on it.

Steam is an online game store where selected game titles can be purchased. Greenlight is a function on the Steam Store where new game developers can submit games that they want to sell on Steam. Everyone in the Steam community will be able to view information about the game and upvote any game that they would want to buy if it was available on Steam. If the game gains enough votes, Steam will include it in the store.
Although our game will be available for purchase here on our site, Steam is the biggest marketplace for games online. We will be able to reach a really big crowd on Steam and that is why we are doing this Greenlight campaign.

Hope to see you there!

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