T minus three weeks

Posted on January 13, 2015

No, it’s not a countdown to the launch of yet another space rocket. Rather, this is the countdown to something far more important. Soon, the long wait will finally be over. That feeling of emptiness in your lives will be replaced with a wonderful sense of fulfillment and meaning. The dark curtains of ignorance will be drawn back, and you will be bathed in the wondrous light of information. Truly, this is the next step for mankind (succeeding the one Neil Armstrong took). Yes indeed, in a short while we will open the gates and let the world behold our creation. We promise you that on February 2nd, all of your most secret and cherished dreams will come true. Because that is day when we will tell you everything about Stupid Survivor.

On February 2nd 2015 we will release a trailer for our upcoming first title Stupid Survivor. Not only that, we will also provide you with additional information, such as screenshots and perhaps most importantly, a release date for the game.

Now, some might feel that we are overselling this a bit. And that might be true. But in all honesty – it’s probably not.

Put the date in your calendar, people, because you simply do not want to miss this event.

No more secrets, no more waiting. Tune in at your local YouTube.

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