Stupid Survivor release postponed

Posted on November 27, 2014

For those of you who are happy enough to have read the articles on us posted in local papers Vasabladet [1] and Österbottens Tidning [2] a few weeks ago may have noticed how we expressed our desire to complete and release our first game Stupid Survivor before the end of the year. However, as time have passed and we’re closing up on the last month of the year I’m sorry to announce the postponement of the release of Stupid Survivor until a later date, most likely sometimes during early 2015.

It’s unfortunate when decisions like this one have be made. The reason for postponing the release of the game is rather simple: lack of game content and quality. Releasing Stupid Survivor in time for the holidays is something we really wanted to accomplish, but forcing the game out on the market at its current state would not be beneficial for anyone, not for us and especially not for you, the gamers.

Even though this is a rather sad announcement, we still feel there’s great potential in Stupid Survivor. The feedback we have got so far have been mostly positive. And as I wrote in another post a while back, the one factor that makes a game truly great is time. More time put into a game project is almost always a good thing and we hope that will be the case with Stupid Survivor as well.

Thanks for your patience!





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