A trip to the Game On-exhibition

Posted on September 11, 2014

Last weekend producer Emil and I went on to visit the game exhibition “Game On 2.0” at Tekniska muséet i Stockholm, Sweden. We had some great time trying out both old and new game consoles, playing both classics and best-sellers. According to its website [1] the exhibition is for its kind the largest in the world and sure enough, there were more games to try out and enjoy that you could possibly have time for during its opening hours.

For a starter, the first room features a number of historical games and arcade machines. The revisit of Space War, Space invaders and Pong makes you wanna go back to the 70s, even though most of us are too young to have experienced that era of gaming. This is then followed by a number of home game consoles that emerged in the late 70s and 80s, featuring games such as TMNT on Nintendo Famicom, Combat for Atari 2600 and Akumajou Dracula (aka Vampire Killer) on MSX.

Bet you haven't tried one of these!

Bet you haven’t tried one of these!

If this wasn’t enough there are also top games from a lot of different genres on a variety of different consoles. How does Half-Life 2 on Xbox 360, Street Fighter III on Sega Dreamcast (with arcade controllers!), Ocarina of Time on N64 and Scribblenauts on Wii U sound to you?

My reaction after being 5 seconds at the Game On-exhibition.

There was of course also the portable game consoles-section, the section about marketing and concept graphics from various successful games, the quick pass.. I mean, children’s games, games from different parts of the world, simulation, multiplayer, music, 3D and finally a big room of all kinds of arcade machines. I don’t think I really had time to even look at all the arcade games, you were lucky enough to get through all of the previous rooms. The 3D games included the much criticized Virtual Boy, but to be honest, once you have a good enough rack to put it on it was quite a lot of fun to use.


Emil trying out the Virtual Boy.

Oh, not to forget. We also had the chance to try out the Oculus Rift. While I, like must people, got a bit dizzy using it, I really enjoyed the feel of actually being inside a game. If anything comes close to virtual reality, this gadget might just do it. But they really need to put in some more high resolution screens, the blurred images ruin a part of the experience.

I must conclude that the exhibition is really worth a visit. If you’re in the area or are planning to go to Stockholm in the near future you can still make it. Last chance will be September 28th and the affordable entry fee makes it definitely worth it.




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