Update from the HQ

Posted on September 2, 2014

Apologies for the silence as of late. We’re still very much at work producing games. As mentioned in earlier posts there are several projects under way, but I haven’t mentioned perhaps the most ambitious one so far. This project, which originally was code-named “skylark” (not anymore though) is quite a large game where development has spanned over several years. Right now I feel I don’t want to say too much about this particular project, due to issues concerning trademarks and copyrights, but let’s just say it’s nowhere even close to our other projects in terms of size of game content and gameplay.

Since this project is so huge, it’s consuming most of the time we have right now, thus leaving blogging and related stuff pretty much unattended. But the absence of online material only means we’re very focused on actually producing games right now. I would really like to keep the blog updated with the latest progress, but there are times when game production is better kept internal. As mentioned, this helps keeping focus on game development. BUT, there will be more stuff coming, both here on the blog and on our social media channels. Stay updated!

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