One month gone, one month of game making

Posted on July 31, 2014

It has been a month now. Slowly but surely our game making process is advancing. I must say, even though some work is very tedious sometimes, I really like this job. It’s not like my previous software development job, where I would do nothing else but coding, having meetings, talking coding issues with my colleagues and finally more coding. It’s not that I don’t like software development, it’s quite a challenging profession and an interesting social experience (the desperate efforts of trying to meet customer needs, customers that you never ever get to meet in person). However, there are times when I would just like to throw all coding into the trash can and instead release some of the more creative sides of me. Guess what, game making is allowing me to do that!

It’s quite interesting how fast the days go by in this business. The days are filled with all kinds of interesting issues. For example, the days can consist of coding, game design, reading articles and blogs from various game developers on the internet, writing my own blog posts, managing the company finances, submitting legal documents, taking a one hour lunch break to allow the mind and body to relax etc. A very diverse work description, and far more appealing than my previous jobs.

Someone might still wonder what it is actually like working in the game making industry. I don’t consider Aware Games to be the typical game making business (we’re indies, we don’t need rules!), but there’s still some parts of what we’re doing that could arouse some interest. How about a photo of me doing some level design on a early version of Stupid Survivor?

Sorry about the blur, my phone is getting quite old.

Talking about Stupid Survivor, what about this lovely fire chief? It’s like he’s taken straight from that favorite children’s cartoon series of yours. You know, those cartoon series that aren’t produced anymore but by far outshine the trashy ones of today (to be honest, I don’t know a lot about cartoon series nowadays, they might be good for all I know).

Yes, he is to be included in the game and yes, he might be the last hurdle in your struggle to get those family photo albums out before the house collapses in on itself. Don’t worry, there won’t be blood.

Like the insights (oh, the buzz) of our game making process so far? Not enough? Oh restrain yourself, have you forgotten what I said about feeding small bits in last week’s post? I’m sure you can wait another week for some more goodies. Take care.

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One comment on “One month gone, one month of game making
  1. Avatar Lisa ekman says:

    I am very happy to hear and read about you (Joel & Alex ) and your company. I wish you very luck and keep going boys.