And they’re off…

Posted on July 1, 2014

At this day very day Aware Games officially began operations. While this Tuesday may seem like just another day, it also represents the end of a multiyear long preparation phase which lay the foundation of the now legally operating company.

At this moment, development has started on our first game, currently going under the name of “Stupid Survivor”. This high-paced, non-violent action game with a touch of humor is in many ways our big test project. What can we do? What can we expect of ourselves? What will the end result be? Will anyone care to buy our games? Only time will tell what will become of this. I hope you, dear reader, are not fooled by any false advertising or likewise, after all we’re only a few guys trying to create something out of nothing. You, dear reader, can help us make a difference.

So, with these words I would like to take the opportunity to officially announce the launch of our company to the world. Dear all, Aware Games is up and running.

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